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Living Wage 4 All button
A Living Wage 4 All button
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Order these 2.5 inch buttons* for meetings, events, rallies and vigils to help promote United Methodist Women's “Living Wage For All'' campaign and to advocate for legislation in your municipality and state that builds the base for a living wage for all.

For large orders, you can download the graphic and have buttons printed locally. [link to graphic]

Get your unit involved in the Living Wage for All campaign!
Resources for education and action can be found here.

United Methodist Women - Living Wage for All Campaign ...
United Methodist Women joins with the National Farm Worker Ministry and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to call on Wendy's, the last of the five major fast food companies, to sign the Fair Food Agreement.

*While supplies last. Please note that buttons come in packets of 10 each so one order is 10 buttons.

For further information contact: livingwage@unitedmethodistwomen.org